The Gay Village Play Analysis

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I went out in downtown Toronto in an area referred to as "The Gay Village" and went to a drag show, as well as, a gay bar. Growing up in Brooks, Alberta there wasn't many opportunities to learn about the LBGTQ+ community and their culture. When I first got to the bar I was hesitant and felt awkward as the bar was primarily filled with males. Once I sat down to watch the drag queens perform I realised how lively and vibrant the drag queens were as individuals; these traits were especially portrayed in their comedy acts as they involved the audience a lot. It wasn't until the drag queen Vitality Black asked me where I was from that I got really nervous and felt awkward for being there but after saying I was from Lethbridge, Alberta a group of four individuals from across the bar cheered. I automatically turned red in the face and felt…show more content…
I watched two performers at the drag show, their names were Vitality Black and Juicebox; these ladies not only made the bar livelier with their open humor and their amazing job addressing the crowd and including the crowd in their acts created a friendlier environment. By watching their acts, it helped me feel more comfortable as it made me realise they are just like me and are expressing their feelings and sexuality through a differnet method than most by taking part in drag culture. Growing up, I was raised in an environment that was harshly impacted by conservative and catholic values as a result, I was very protected on what I saw in the media. This created me to have never met a drag queen in real life before or even knew what to expect of them. This experience taught me to be more open about learning about other cultures and although I may originally feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or out of place that I'll eventually either learn from my experience or I might also in addition to learn about other interests that I may

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