Reflection Paper On Eating Disorder

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Recall a moment in your life when embarrassment and shame were the only emotions you felt. A moment when your family and friends did not understand your feelings, leaving you to feel like a square among many circles. This moment and these feelings personify my eating disorder. It was not until last year that I had realized that I spent the previous five years of my life mentally and emotionally abusing myself. The realization itself was daunting... but it was the truth. I saw a strong athlete, a high achiever and a happy and self-disciplined child turning quirky, moody and slow. I thought I was likely the last person anyone would expect to fall victim to an eating disorder. Yet, it happened anyways. Since then, I knew something had to be done- I pushed myself past the point I never knew I was capable of. The struggles did hurt, but I never stopped. I kept moving forward, suddenly realizing that I needed to slowly put the pieces back together and battle my illness. Growing up, I was relatively thin and ate less than the average boy. My friends always mocked me for being underweight and questioned me when I did not feel comfortable showing my…show more content…
I am fortunate to meet a wonderful and compassionate woman like her who struggled with an eating disorder herself, and years later she is serving as mentor, becoming an inspiration and a beacon of light for people like me. Movement therapy has definitely helped improve my sense of being. Thus, I no longer spend any time or thoughts, obsessing over what people say about my weight or body. Now, I make my activity level a priority as well as I go to the gym everyday, take a karate class, and enjoy twenty-minute strolls about three times a week. With these improvements, my health has rejuvenated, as I found a balance within myself, containing love and appreciation. Something I never had before, but am becoming familiar

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