My Reflection On Ecstasy Rising

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Ecstasy Rising Reflection Paper
Shahbaz Khan
The University of Georgia

Ecstasy Rising Reflection Paper
ABC News special “Ecstasy rising” first aired today 13 years ago; the main message of this documentary was how ecstasy has become the second most used illegal psychoactive drug for new users. Ecstasy use has grown at an alarming rate but still, there are many people who believe it can be beneficial. Due to the unpredictable rate at which ecstasy has grown at the government had no control over it, so they radically overstated the health risks in order to stop young people from turning their brain into Swiss cheese. The information provided by the government about ecstasy was totally wrong and it may have caused a bigger problem. The facts about ecstasy use are shocking according to the DEA 100s of millions of ecstasy pills are taken every year and nearly 2 million new users are recruited every year. Ecstasy has become a
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Due to the lack of control, the DEA had over Ecstasy is what drove them to make it illegal. The DEA finally cracked down on MDMA and started putting people in jail. When MDMA was legal scare tactics where different, all they could do was use scare tactics to keep young adults away from it by emphasizing the side effects of MDMA. This drug has the reputation of being a benign and fun drug, but I think since this drug got out of hand to the point that the government had to step in and take control of the situation. This, in my opinion, was the right thing to do in order to decrease the supply and demand of the drug. At the same time, it is really important to know the true side effects of MDMA in order to make things crystal clear if the drug needs to be classified as a schedule one drug. This can only be done doing non-biased testing on test subjects in order to get the most accurate

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