Reflection Paper On Family Therapy

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When therapist met with the client and the client's foster mother at home for family therapy, client, and her foster mother greeted the therapist and reported that the client's mood is happy as she had a good day during the school day and had fun during the rest of the week especially during the weekend as she went outdoor with her foster mother and spent quality time together. The client reported that she feels proud as she got a good score in Math and Language and Arts subject this week as well and she has a plan that she will have all her grades back to the above average again by April and she still working on it for three weeks towards the next semester. The client reported that she is working hard moving from D level to either C or B level.…show more content…
The foster mother reported that she went to her teacher who gave her an attitude before and apologized to her asking forgiveness and help in her assignment, the teacher smiled and cried saying that she loves her and she wants to help her if she allowed the teacher to help the client and if she needs any help, just ask at any time and the teacher will help her. The client also reported that she was tired as well because she had to stay after school several times as she wanted to have extra help in math and English and Art. The client reported that her foster mother is dealing with her in a good way and communicating better than last few weeks as they started to spend more time together and talk more. The client added that she felt that she wants to know more about her foster mother to be able to communicate better with her and not fight together, as well as spending more quality time with her. The client reported that she does not have to lie in the future as her foster mother's reaction is not like her biological family's reaction and there is no reason to be
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