Reflection Paper On Field Observation

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My last day for field observations at Egly Elementary School being a teaching with my students is the Regional School for the Deaf. I would to gifts early for Valentine 's Day will be later held at 12pm. They are so excited to present after and when fished on work in a classroom with Mrs. Cazares. It 's was experience same time before with students for learning in classroom with Mrs. Cazares always to give an education. Let 's start on work for reading solving about stories is explain something about question and answer. We can help to answer about question for stories same before last week makes sure is rights. Ask me Mrs. Cazares you want to work for teaching with students because Mrs. Cazares have busy today in the classroom. I said sure want to make a teaching being last day of my observe and Mrs. Cazares have something clean up in ____ things. I don 't know to her Mrs.Cazares want to make the order in a move being setting. Well, Mrs. Cazares will later when they leave after school and because students always ______ not __ at me. Now to leave for 1st grade are going to PE and 4th grade will come in classroom. Then work for activities is a journal sentence structure for months. It 's February journal calendar with the date is today on Monday show on a topic called "The best thing about school is ____". Then yourself to make writer for a journal and Mrs. Cazares will helping on the sentence for fix it. When finish getting journal then get another one is reading fluency
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