Reflection Paper On First Day Of Internship

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First day of my Internship. My work is being involved with students having concerns at school with grades, behavior, or socializing and working with the counselors. The goal of the program is that these students need special attention for them to advance in school. A small number of these students have issues with misbehavior, having conflict with teachers and other students through their conduct.
The first day I familiarized myself with the students I will be working with, and learned a little about their background. A certain amount of the students I met with had conflict at home, facing straining familial situations. Others faced private issues, including autism and anxiety, consequently making interaction with other students very challenging. Fortunately, the school takes a role of keeping track of students that require special attention, and set up check-ins and mentor programs for them to have a school support system. I am to be involved in this support system interacting with them as a positive example, and helping them socialize and improve their relations with others. Because of my age (since I’m younger) there is the belief that they will further confide in me, seeing me less as an authority figure and more of an older brother figure. In particular the young boy’s, whom may lack a positive male role model at home. In my first day, I have only managed to introduce myself to these students, but hopefully they will confide in me further as the semester internship
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