Reflection Paper On Gymnastics

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“Abigail, Natalia, Alexa get over here this instant!”

This is what I heard at gymnastics practice today. My coach’s booming voice like a commander in the Army. ( Don’t get out of formation men!) While I’m thinking of this thought I start doubling over with laughter. When I stop laughing Natalia and Alexa ask why I was laughing. When I told them why I was laughing they started doubling over with laughter then we all started laughing. It was one of our laughing sessions that we have throughout the day. Ironically, we are in the same level in gymnastics. We do everything together including playdates, sleepovers, birthday parties and you know all the things bffs do together. Ok, back to gymnastics practice. Now I am on the bars attempting to
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Beep! Beep! That’s my alarm clock waking me up for school. Why do I have to wake up at 6:00 a.m. every single morning for school? You want to know the answer to that question. Well, here’s the answer straight forward. When I was in fifth grade three months ago I had always woken up at 7:00a.m. Side note the middle school starts at the same time as the elementary school! Anyways back to my story. So when I was waking up at 7:00a.m I was always late and I hate being late because if you are late more than three times in the school year you can get detention. I will not get detention! I am an all A student. What if the detention went on my record then I could never get into Yale? On my second tardy my parents and I decided that I would start waking up at 6:00 a.m. and that totally worked except for one thing, during class I was always tired. I know what you’re thinking this girl is only tired because she goes to bed late. Nope and no, I am tired because if you ever do gymnastics five days a week then you will know what tired feels like. I also like to be organized. Let me check if everything is ready for school. Binder? Check. Books? Check. Gymnastics leotards?
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