Reflection Paper On Happiness

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When it comes to happiness there are various answers as each person and philosopher like Aristotle, Hedonics and contemporary viewers like me all have different views and definition. When searching for the word “happiness” on google it is defined as “the state of being happy”. But many questions, how do we achieve this so-called happiness? Philosophers like Aristotle believes that happiness is the goal of the human life and is attainable thorough our actions. Hedonics believes that happiness is based on one’s emotion and life satisfactions, whereas contemporary viewers like me believe it to be obvious goods like pleasure, wealth and honor. There is no wrong or right answer to happiness. Happiness is a complex and highly debated topic that many intelligent philosophers and ordinary people argue and think about every day. Aristotle holds a Eudaimonia view of happiness. Aristotle believed that happiness is the goal of the human life. He states that every…show more content…
Aristotle believes a happy person is someone who fulfills their potential to the fullest. I personally believe happiness to be a mix of both views. I agree that our actions lead to our happiness and that our emotions can define if we are happy or not. I personally also believe that happiness is also external goods like wealth and honor. It contributes to our happiness. Having money and respect can make a person happy and live well, no harm can be done from having this type of eternal good which is why it can cause happiness. Money can solve lots of problems and relieve stress in many ways, it helps pay off debt or pays for a message. Overall all the definitions and views on happiness is not wrong, you may disagree but it is not wrong because happiness is based on one’s experience, actions and
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