Reflection Paper On How I Learned English

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. In this class, I learned many writing skills, so I could advance to the next level of English. Most interesting I learned was how and when to use commas on week 4. After I handed in my second essay, I was able to see all the punctuation, grammar, and other mistakes. My instructor Lana Boswell also wrote comments on the back of rough draft essay so that I could keep improving my writing skills. Also, she recommended to use Automated Proofreader and Grammar checker, it was useful for rewriting essay a lot too. Furthermore, I was tasked to completed homework in Comfit. There are a lot of questions I have to get 100% on every part of quiz. It was challenge for me, because as I said earlier, I never had learned English before. However, completing of Comfit, I feel a lot more comfortable on writing. First, speaking has always come hard to me. I have to translate Korean to English in my head first, when I speak to someone. Also, the hardest thing is grammar. As I said, Korean and English grammar are way too much different. For example, if I want to say “I will go to the market at 8:00 pm” in Korean, it will be “I at 8:00 pm market will go”. The rule of English is N+V+S, but Korean is N+S+V. Cause of above reasons, it was made me thinking about taking this class or not. However, I decided to take this class to encourage me to learn how to write and speak properly. Before taking this class, when I asked to write something I find myself feeling vulnerable and unable to find the

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