Reflection Paper On Internship

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ABSTRACT:- The past month of my internship has been very intersting for me. Evergreen has offered me opportunities to learn and develop myself in many areas. I gained a lot of experience, especially in the event accounting field. A lot of the tasks and activities that I have worked on during my internship are familiar with what I’m studying at the moment. I worked in many areas where I did different work. This gave me the chance to find out which areas I want work in after my education. The area that I found most interesting is construction field. By developing a constructing plan, I had to do lots of research where I had to find the best way of constructing an event. I learned many things about construction, air conditioning and maintenance field. As a bonus, I got to experienced how to prepare quotations, receipt voucher and payment voucher, preparing local purchasing order, making payroll and duty sheet of the company. Before my internship started my ideas did not match the experiences have gained during my internship. There is a big difference in the school projects and the tasks and activities during the actual work. In school we learn how to describe the work in projects, where in work you learn how to implement them in reality. This internship was definitely an introduction to the actual work field for me. I have learned to work in a business organization and apply my knowledge into practice. I learned a lot from the different fields that I have been working during

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