Reflection Paper On Interview Experience

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Student’s Reflections Interview Experience This interview was very enlightening and a learning experience. The interview gave me the new perspectives in my life and exposed to different facet of reality. I learned from Mr. R.A.M experiences and life events that you should always take the life in a positive way and face the challenges with courage. The key point that I got from this interview is that will be with me rest of my life is to be positive, take the challenges heads on, accept the reality and courageously face adversities. Also, it showed me all the bad times in life always passes and they do not remain constant in life. I will definitely incorporate these lesson that I have learned from this experience. Significant Point of the Interview The most significant point of the interview was when I came to know the amount of hardships and struggle that Mr. R.A.M had to go through to get to the point where he is right now. He did not have all the necessities, resources, and support during his early stages of life, but despite all the challenges he kept working hard with positive attitude. Religion also played an important part in Mr. R.A.M life. During all the difficult and challenging times, Mr. R.A.M always turned to religion to seek strength and courage. The religion was his way of overcoming the challenges and coping with adverse situations. At the end of the interview, Mr. R.A.M stated, “I have no regrets in life. With the blessing of God I achieved everything that
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