Improvable Truth: A Short Story

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Improvable Truth As of late my flatmate and my partner in crime John Watson has been unbearably irritating. However, from what I can see, there has been no change in his behavior now from the first time I met him. To confirm this I lock myself in my room and go to my mind palace. I remember the first time I met John Watson. I was in the morgue, as per usual, conducting an experiment for my latest case. I had just finished squeezing a few drops of water into a petri dish containing a mold that could prove my client's innocence when walked in my acquaintance Mike and a man with a limp. I spared him a brief glance and concluded that he had a rather unsatisfactory meal of beans and toast, he has recently returned from war, and that he had…show more content…
So, to put his mind at ease, I prattle off the detail that I have gathered about him so far leaving him with a rather perplexed look on his face. I turn to leave once again, but right before I cross the threshold I look back and him and say “ The names Sherlock Holmes, and the address is 221B Baker Street. Afternoon.” As I leave my mind palace and open my eyes I feel as though I have come no closer to figuring out why I have been as irritated as of late. I don’t hate John, on the contrary, he is probably the only person on this whole planet that I don’t hate. So why does his presence irritate me? Better yet why does the lack of his presence irritate me? There is nothing about him that I find disagreeable and yet I still feel this way. When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. Since it is impossible for this irritation I’m feeling to be hatred it must be the opposite... affection? Love? Honestly, I have never felt this before but I suppose those emotions could be used to describe why I get so irritated every time he cancels our plans and why when he chooses to go out with his female companions and not me I get angry. Well, now that I have come to the conclusion that I must love John where

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