Reflection Paper On Leadership

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Nice discussion post this week! You start off with a great definition of what leadership is. To me, it is hard to define what leadership is, especially in one sentence, but I agree with you that leadership is the action of leading others or an organization. I feel like it is when someone steps up and goes into the unknown as well. It is also important to mention that it is never just one single person. To be a successful leader I also agree that one needs to have certain characteristic and skills. A leader needs to be able to simple lead, as you have stated. They need to direct and guide people to fulfill shared goals. Communication is also another huge skill. A leader needs to be able to clearly communicate, build relationships, motivate others, inspire others, and be a role model to create a positive work environment and culture that will accept change and innovation in the company. Leaders also need to show everyone how to behave, and they need to be honest, show appreciation, and work towards a bright future. If a leader is not effective the whole company can fall apart. Leadership is all about the relationship between those that aim and strive to lead and those who select and follow them and work together on shared goals. I agree that poor leadership can also lead to poor customer satisfaction and also decrease profits. Being an exemplary leader does make a difference, so all of the characteristics, skills, and more you have mentioned are very important. People do not

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