Reflection Paper On Learning Language

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The observation activity with a progressive school such as Nest provides valuable insight on how learning theories can help students in the learning language. For this specific activity, I was tasked to observe a 2nd grade class during their English subject. The class started with an introductory greeting from the teacher which was followed by classroom management procedures such as clearing the table and arranging the study area before the actual lesson begins. This reflection would concentrate on the application of Bloom’s taxonomy of learning domain in learning the English language and Bruner’s learning theory. It highlights the importance of using visual aids and illustrations in developing the language skill of the learner. The first part of the lesson time is allocated for their quiz about their…show more content…
Basic language refers to the knowledge of the students to read and write. This skill is needed to develop first before they can perform higher language function. Reading stories and doing writing exercises can improve students’ communication skills. Furthermore, it highlights the functionality of learning language. This includes the ability to tell story through written form which entails the proper structure and syntax. In addition, students’ receptive and expressive language are both developed through the learning activities. Receptive language is seen during the story telling in which the teacher reads the story aloud while the students listen. In this process, students receive information and process them internally. Receptive language also includes student’s reading comprehension. On the other hand, the worksheet that was given to the student practices their usage of expressive language through written form. By forming their own sentences, the students can build their own ideas. At times, this also help their reading comprehension since they can retell the story using their own
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