Reflection Paper On Literacy

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Reflecting on my literacy journey for the past 19 years, I remember painful and joyful memories of writing. I have always been an math and science person, so writing was never my favorite activity. I love to plan and oddly, but not contradictory I love to write. I love to scribe out my plans. I even enjoy typing lab reports and explaining what occurs in my experiments, but I dislike writing in the realm of English academia. I would be able to fill dozens of pages with plans by essays were always a difficult to produce. For me, writing essays are like paying a bills you don’t want to pay or going to the dentist with a toothache. I think the problem began when my teachers would request for me to write about how I felt based on different prompts. I knew how I felt, but it was mentally difficult to transcribe my feelings so that others could understand them. Today, I am glad that I do not have this problem. Because I still have to complete writing assignments in my academic life, I do not allow my feelings to hinder the quality of my work.
In fourth grade, I had a teacher named Ms. Ryan. She was awful. In school, I was one of those kids that stayed
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It was the the fourth quarter of senior year and the last essay for my high school journey. We had a page requirement of six to seven pages. I had reached to my fifth page and I was already writing my conclusion. I could not write anymore. I have expanded on every point possible. I did not realize that at five pages, my entire paper was single spaced. When I then double spaced my paper, to meet the MLA standard, I ran into the opposite problem. Now, my paper was at nine pages, two pages too long. I went to my teacher Miss Crowther and explained my situation. She said that it was okay that I had extra pages. I was overjoyed, because I worked so hard to explain every part of my argument. Knowing that every piece of my work would be accepted and appreciated made me
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