Reflection Paper On Managing People And Organizations

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BUS 3003 Assessment 1: Motivation Reflection paper Done By: Reem Mohammed Alshal Al Tenaiji ID: H00253148 Course: BUS 3003 Managing People and Organizations Prepared For: Jamila Al Shehhi Due To: Week 5 – 29/9/2014 Table of Contents: Introduction: 2 Body: 2 1) Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory: 2 2) Alderfer’s EGR Theory: 3 3) McClelland’s Need Theory: 3 4) Herzberg’s Motivator-Hygiene Theory: 4 5) Adams Equity Theory: 4 6) Goal Setting Approach: 5 Conclusion: 5 Bibliography: 6 Introduction: People’s satisfaction varies from one person to another through their personal desire in life that’s where motivation takes place. In which through motivation people get aspired to accomplish what they want in life. Motivation comes through different forms as it plays an essential role in human’s life especially in the business world. In order for an organization to be successful it must attain its employee’s satisfaction by learning and accomplishing their needs and wants in order to have motivated employees who work hard to achieve an effective and sufficient work that leads to the organizations success and growth. Body: There are many motivational theories and reward management techniques that influence employee behavior and job satisfaction in organizations. 1) Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory: In this theory the psychologist Abraham Maslow states that motivation consists of five basic needs that arise in an anticipated stair-step fashion. The first need is physiological

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