Reflection Paper On Mass Transit

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Mass transit is one the most popular transportation modes in the United States. On Thursday, February 22, I took a trip to the Sun Tran transit to get to Park Place mall. As I was waiting for the Tucson City bus to arrive, I noticed the fresh smell of gasoline and other strong smells. I could not help but think about the significant amounts of pollution that I was being exposed to. This got me thinking about frequent bus riders who usually spend fifteen to even thirty minutes or more each way waiting for the bus. This wait means spending more time in what seemed a very polluted area which in return may suggest a substantial health hazard. I also noticed the uncleanliness of the benches and ground. I decided not to sit down since it was so dirty. After waiting for several minutes, the bus finally arrived and right away I noticed the large cloud of exhaust spewing out as the bus stopped. This only got me thinking about the constant stopping and accelerating and the large amounts of exhaust that spews out at each stop. The emissions from these engines gives rise to a direct health impact. As I continued on my trip, I noticed several factors that I have never taken into account before. First, I observed the immense amount of stops that we were making and how much exhaust was coming out and affecting our air each time. This is a substantial source to our air quality as pollution is created from elements that our present in the fuel. The engine speed and engine load has also a

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