Reflection Paper On Medical Assisting

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Nursing At 21 and with only one year of medical assisting experience. I figure it was an okay job. After all, I was getting paid more than minimum wage. Initially going into a trade school for fast pace and expensive learning that is what I wanted more money in little time requirement. I had learned different things in the medical field. I learn how to verify insurance, call in prescription and had a great deal of customer experience by now. I had the endurance to learn anything. I would be placed in front office and back office. I enjoyed back office more dealing with directly assisting the doctor. Overall, I could handle anything. I was a very flexible medical assistant. I thought I was the best medical assistant they had at Frisco Urgent Care and Clinics as I would get praised for my well-done work. However, I was soon to find out why I was hired and why I was there that day. It was a rainy Saturday before my birthday in 2010 and I was chosen to pull the extra shift at work. Everybody had agreed since I was familiar with all the machines we worked with at the office it was the best option to have me work extra this weekend. The other …show more content…

Taking vitals and their chief complaints and working them up as needed. There at Frisco Urgent Care we had a protocol to follow. If a patient came in with cough we were allow to run a flu test, strep test and get bloodwork and even a chest x-ray all before the doctor step in the patient room. It being an Urgent Care meant anything could happen. We are trained in what to do accordingly to a patient depending on symptoms or how they came in . We were shown were the crash cart is. A crash cart is a wheeled container carrying medicine and equipment for used in emergency resuscitation. However, since I was hired we never used it. Never did I expect that tonight would be the night I would be tested in how fast I could react and work under pressure. For sure it has marked me until

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