Reflection Paper On Medication Administration

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This reflective paper imposes that nurses, including me, need to be able to make drug calculations and correct medication administration. A medication error serves as leading medical cause of patient’s safety or even its life. As a result, correct medication administration should be a focus of nursing education. Nursing students including myself have difficulty learning math calculation skills which relate to medication. Evidence-based resources/books are available to prevent medication error, strategies to be used to ensure correct medication administration and high alert medication require extra caution when administering can improve the student nurse’s ability to think analytically and solve medication administration problems. The Nursing student must be taught math calculation for medication administration often. Adequate practice with real problem solving can effectively reinforce these skills and provide the
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In Nursing, Mathematics relates to the Drug Computation that plays a vital role in nursing practice where Nurses are accountable when preparing or giving medication practices and when a medication error occur patient safety is at risk.
My relationship with Mathematics on Drug Computation precipitates me with a variety of emotions like anxiety. It is clearly an activity for me to work on, spend some graceful time in understanding and analyzing the correct formula in computing drug administration. I am fully aware and admit that I still have some lapses and difficulties regarding drug computation. In addition to that, it is a continuous learning process for me before I will be exposed to a clinical setting. I am motivating myself to comprehend clearly, practice safe medication administration and retain this information in my clinical setting without risking patient’s health and

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