Reflection Paper On Moral Standards

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Manoriña, Gladys U. BSAcT-4 MW 3:00-4:30 PM REFLECTION PAPER There are several different businesses sprouting every year in provinces, cities and every corner of the streets. Factories, gigantic buildings, resorts, convenience stores, cafes and the list goes on can be seen anywhere. Some of these businesses bring good to life. They provide jobs for the people and most especially provide the needs and wants of everyone. “The higher purpose of business is to become a means to an authentic human development. Profit should be viewed as reward and not the main goal.” However, some of the these businesses just focus on gaining profit and forget the welfare of the people. Such as men selling illegal drugs causing crimes in the society, factories producing black thick smokes polluting the air, infrastructures built without proper drainage system causing flash floods that I personally experienced during heavy rains and many more. Many of us created business to have a good life that would result to…show more content…
Moral is defined as “ relating to the principles of right and wrong”. A standard is defined as a “ model or rule to be followed “. In short, moral standard means “ the principles of right and wrong that should be followed”. Religion is one of the sources of principles. The characteristics of moral standards: first, they deal with matters that can seriously injure or benefit human beings; second, they cannot be changed by the decisions of any authoritative body; third, they should be preferred over other values including self-interest; fourth, they are based on objective and impartial considerations; and lastly, they are associated with special emotions such as guilt, remorse, and shame. In terms of treating ethical issues, moral standard should be carefully used so as to prevent misunderstanding from the involved

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