Reflection Paper On My Daughter

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Note P To my daughter paisley My daughter! Wow, I never in a million years would have thought of saying those words. Having a daughter after two boys was going to be an amazing feeling. It’s crazy how in a moments notice life changes so suddenly. You have two older brothers named Copper and Zane that are ornery as ever but also shows their loving and kind spirit so much and a beautiful momma that loves you unconditionally and would give her life for any of us. When your momma first told me that we was expecting again my heart grew about ten times the normal size. I was overwhelmed with happiness and secretly I was hoping that you turned out to be a girl. When mommas belly began to grow the excitement also grew. It became even more real in knowing that we would get to meet you after a few more months of pregnancy. Every time your momma would move a certain way I could only imagine you being rocked to sleep inside her as you were cuddled up with a big smile. It was so cool to see pregnancy again and how your momma knows so much about it. We decided to not find out the gender until you was born although your momma and I had a strong feeling you was going to be a girl. As the pregnancy progressed we started to toss around room theme ideas and your momma even bought a dress for you (she said if you was to be a boy she would find someone that would take it). We have had a girls name picked out when we first started dating. Your brothers would constantly kiss your mommas

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