Personal Reflection On My Writing Process

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My Writing Process
Characterization is the craft element that gives my work the most impact. Characterization helps me convey information about my characters. It clearly portrays the behavior of each character either through their actions or speech. Description of the characters’ appearance and explaining their mannerism helps me built my plot. Through characterization my audience is able to know the characters and understand their impact in the development of the plot. Characterization ensures that my stories are compelling and my intended message is passed. Through characterization, I am able to give readers a sense of character personality; this in turn brings my characters to life. For instance, in my rough draft, I characterized my sister.
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At first I start with character studies of each of my intended characters. This enables me to develop my plot and work on the setting of my story. The plot build up helps me create the different conversations within my story and create each characters role in my plot. The length of each event in my plot varies depending on the level of imagination I assign to each of them. Each event has a specific set of characters whose roles contribute to the effective development of my plot. I also work on a chapter break down and assign events to the relevant chapters depending on their chronological arrangement.
During the writing process I encounter different challenges. The most common challenge is often organization. The writing process demands a lot of reasoning regarding some topics. Gaining the necessary insights that would facilitate effective communication between my piece and the readers thought require regular reflection on the thought process. Possessing the ability to shift into different perspectives within the paper and still maintaining the main intentions of the paper requires good organization. My arguments are often not strong enough thus my organization at times may lack analytical depth and
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