Clinical Reflection

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Description Today I was placed to do my clinical on the obstetrics ward at the General Hospital. Even though my preceptor did not assign me to any patient on the ward, I took the initiative to take care of K.J. A 19-year-old patient who was currently 40 weeks plus 5 days, she was in her first stage of labor at latent phase, which means her cervix was only 3 cm dilated. Additionally, besides taking care of K.J I got the opportunity to bathe a baby and experience procedures such as expression of the uterus and vaginal examination for the first time.
I was yet disappointed that I did not get to experience a delivery, but despite that, I am very grateful for the knowledge and experience I have gained today. Firstly, I got to experience the expression of the uterus, during this procedure seeing the woman bawling in pain and blood gushing out from her vagina was very hard for me to watch
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Based on my research, normally after a delivery, the fundus is halfway between the umbilicus and the symphysis pubis then it will continue to descend into pelvis one centimeter per day. Hence, the patient had to have her uterus express so fluids can be expelled from it and the uterus can descend as it should into the pelvis. Furthermore, the skills I have gained from sim lab on how to bathe a baby, I implied it today while I was bathing the baby. K.J is a primigravida patient who was currently 40 weeks plus 5 days, she has been in labor for approximately 20 hours, having contractions one in every 10 minutes lasting 60 seconds and her cervix is dilated to 3 cm. This means K.J was in her stage of labor at latent phase, the first stage of labor is the period in which the cervix is fully dilated to 10 cm and latent phase is when the cervix is dilated to
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