Reflection Paper On Organizational Behavior

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PERSONAL LEARNING PAPER-I Before I start writing the paper, let me first say what Organizational Behavior stands for and what impact it has! To me Organizational Behavior is about understanding, predicting and managing the human behavior in organizations. Its focus is more on understanding and explaining the individual and group behaviors in organizations. It also helps us to understand what causes wrong behavior, where the cause lies and how exactly can it be corrected. In a nut shell, Organizational Behavior theoretically helps the organization and its managers to effectively manage the Organizations. Since this course is in continuation with the course that I had in the last semester, I was pretty sure that this course will give me a rich experience in terms of working together with groups and also understanding Organizational Behavior. Having had 4.5 years of work experience and being a team lead for past one year during my career, I can relate my experience to many concepts that I learnt in the class. Having grown from a software engineer position to a Technology analyst leading teams, I felt the experience I gained from this role and the feedback that I received from my peers and managers motivated me to do my masters and get into a managerial role in the future. This course also teaches a whole lot of things that a manager needs to be aware of. I believe there is a new perspective to Management and a Paradigm shift is necessary because of rapidly changing
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