Reflection Paper On Personal Learning

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Personal learning paper
I have documented my journey till now and what changes I have implemented from the classroom discussions.
After my graduation, I got job in an industry. As the case with all the industries, they are located at the far outskirts of cities. I have grown in a metropolitan city from the very beginning of my life and suddenly shifting to such a remote location was a bit challenging for me. Remote locations have many intrinsic challenges which I was not at all used to. But as days pass by, I have learnt to adapt myself to varying conditions and constraints. There I have learnt one of my most important lessons of life that we need to be flexible enough to get accommodating in whatever situation which come by. To be a successful
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While working with them, I learnt the true meaning of leadership. I learnt that for a leader it’s not always to give command or pass orders but to really understand his team members. Knowing the team properly-like which person in the team can perform what kind of job is very important for work delegation. If we delegate wrong work to the wrong person, than we won’t get efficient output. Moreover to be an effective leader, we need to work along with the team mates and support them whenever they need it. One more thing that I have learnt while working in my previous organization is, to be a successful manager we must be able to effectively communicate our ideas to others. Being able to communicate doesn’t mean being over extrovert, but a good blend of introversion and extroversion must be there. Initially I was a bit reserved person, but after I came to job and realized that this characteristic of mine is effecting my performance, I decided to improve myself so that I can effectively communicate my ideas to others. Although apart from the above…show more content…
The five factors are Emotionality, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness and conscientiousness. The Big Five model is able to account for different traits in personality without overlapping. With the help of this exercise I had been able to connect my inner self very much. On the first parameter of negate emotionality, I have scored in the range of Resilient. I think this score is very much relevant to my inner self as I am rational in my approach, secure and sometimes unflappable by trivial issues. On the second parameter of extraversion, I have scored in the range of ambivert. As I have mentioned initially I was a bit reserved and don’t always express my opinion in front of others, but after I got into the job, I tried to change myself from introvert to extrovert. From this score I could fathom that I have improved in this parameter. On the third parameter of openness, I scored in the range of moderate. I am practical minded and have depth of knowledge and efficient at my work. I think I should work on myself to improve this score. On the fourth parameter of agreeableness, I scored near to adapter. This score was really helpful to measure my improvement in adaptability. The characteristics like trust worthy, humble, team player, frank do match to my own. On the last parameter of conscientiousness, I scored near focused. I should try to improve

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