Reflection Paper On Pickleball

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Fitness and Pickleball Reflection One of the units for this semester was pickleball. in the beginning of the unit I saw no use of this sport. It was not considered an olympic or a paralympic which meant that this particular sport is not taken seriously and it does not have a huge impact on the sports world. I had issues with serving since it is the opposite of tennis and I thought that pickleball was an alternative to it. I would always serve above my head which was not ideal. Therefore, I missed almost all the serves. As the unit progressed I started to get the hang of the sport. It was not about strength it was solely based on technique. I realized that the more you made the other teamplayer run the faster they got tired and got less energy to hit the ball. This helped me stay in the same area without stressing too much whilst placing the ball on the other side of the court for my partner. During our unit for PE regarding pickleball I improved throughout the games, I started to enjoy the game. I personally enjoy singles way more than doubles because there is more control to where the ball hits and there is less pressure of not letting your partner out. There is also the issue of miscommunication with a partner. When you are playing solo you know when to hit the ball and where, with a partner it is more complicated. At the end I was able to beat Cristina, Isabella, yasmin and in a double game with Cristina we won against Ricardo and Francisco which was the best
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