Reflection Paper On Poverty

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Reflection Memory: I have watched a podcast and a video about the issue of poverty. I also have read the different materials (chapters and articles) about the issue of poverty. I have memorized different points from these podcast; video and reading materials such as agencies in United States still follow the old method of measuring the level of poverty. According to the method (used to measure poverty) adopted; average family spent a third of their income of food, this amount is multiplied by 3. A family which is earning below that amount is considered as poor. The problem with this method is that today most of the families spend more than one seventh of their income on food because of high prices of food items. Furthermore I also have found that SPM (supplemental poverty measure) and FPL (Federal Poverty Level) are also the methods which are used to measure the poverty. But still there are some problems in these two methods of measuring poverty. Emotional: Although I have came to know different facts about the issue of poverty and problems related with measurement of level of poverty but the most emotional part was the documentary (Poor Kids) which I have watched. This documentary is very emotional for me and also for all other viewers of this documentary because this documentary is revealing the problems of poor kids. The emotional fact in this documentary is that children are very much mindful of their family 's monetary circumstance. With one in five children living

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