Reflection Paper On Poverty

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Poverty, Probability, and Statistics
This past week in poverty and statistics class I have learned a lot about poverty and The statistics to poverty. Poverty is confined as being able to have the things to support yourself and your family. I have looked at many graphs and can show you evidence of poverty in the past, but i cannot tell you how the future will turn out for the wealthy, all I can say is the probability of them staying wealthy. There are two things that compare the past to the future and they are statistics which are facts of the past and probability is the chance of what could happen in the future. Myself personality can say the probability of my family getting further out of poverty is pretty high. My family comes from a very decent amount of wealth. I wouldn 't say my family is very wealthy, but we are wealthy.
My family is a family that believes in education and successful people. We are always taught to go to school all the time and then go to college and become a successful person in life. Many of the groups i have looked at in this class relate to me in many ways. One of the graphs Mr Taylor showed the class that demonstrated how many people are wealthy and how long they either get wealthier

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