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The practicum took place in Fudaccion Hogar de Cuenca. Fudaccion Hogar is a clinic that have been in existences for 7 years. Doing a practicum in this clinic does help the students who wants to pursuit a career in medical field to see how medicine is practiced in other countries. This clinic allowed 12 of us to be stationed to different departments that they have such as urology, general medicine, laboratory, ophthalmology, allergology, physical therapy, pharmacy, dermatology, dentistry, traumatology, and hospital. Every week, we were given a scheduled that showed us where we were supposed to be during the week. This schedule was well organized because each one of us got the opportunity to observe varies department that the clinic allowed us. I was able to be stationed to general medicine, physical therapy, pharmacy, ophthalmology, laboratory, allergology, dermatology, dentistry, and hospital.
When I was stationed to general medicine, I was able to observe how the general medicine doctor practiced his profession. Each day he saw about 12 patients in the 3 hours that I was stationed to be with him. The doctor sees all kind of patients. When a patient comes, he asked them the reason for their consultation, then he performed an examination, which included measuring their blood pressure, check their eyes, throat, ears, abdomen, heart beats, back, and their breathing. After each examination, the doctor washed his hands and then explained to patients what they had or informing

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