Reflection Paper On Prayer

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A couple of months ago we were asked to reflect on our religious experiences and write a short paper that details moments in our lives where we experienced grace or when we experienced doubt and confusion in regard to our faith. In it, I questioned the value of prayer in our lives as well as the nature of God himself because I believe he let all these bad things happen to the world even though he had the power to stop these things. In the two or three months that have passed I have learned a great number of things about our Faith and our God and it has changed how I view certain things. I know now that prayer is important and God is indeed helping us deal with all the evil in the world and additionally, although not found in my previous paper, that salvation is universal.
In my first reflection paper, I questioned the importance of prayer in our lives. I always only asked God for one thing, that people would be better in mind, body and heart which basically means that they would care for one another and stop fighting and killing each other, but then reading the news made me think that God was not answering my prayers and he’s letting these people do bad things even though he could stop them easily. I know now that God is listening to my prayers and I can see it in the state of the world today. Although there is still injustice in the world there have also been developments that lead me to believe that indeed people are getting better. The gap between males and females in
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