Reflection Paper On Professional Soldiers

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In our society today, the American people are struggling, their lack of respect for our country, our morals and our values have drastically impacted our culture and the American way of life. On that note, we conclude, that the average American lacks faith and security in our own nation. With that being said: America, rest assured and know that our Professional Soldiers are receiving training, education and experience, to better our forces and to someday regain the trust of our American citizens, once again. In addition, despite the obsticles, our Professional Soldiers strive for exemplary standards of unwavering ethical and moral dedication in all areas of their career. Understanding that some Military Occupations are tougher than others, yet our goal remains; to mold diverse Leaders by providing them the foundational standards as American Soldiers.
Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage, are the core values we live and breathe as American Soldiers. We must not forget or become laxed because these values are the backbone to the Army and are foundational truths to our success. As Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) we will reprioritize our conduct, in order for these values to resignate home within us. As
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Being at this level, I am able to witness the unwavering moral standard every day. There are many times I have been encouraged first hand; by the conduct of my peers, and I can fully appreciate the dedication to a solid moral

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