Reflection Paper On Project Management

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Advanced Project Management and Strategic Leadership

Course- 4183

Reflective Essay

Submitted By- Sarabdeep Singh
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Motive- the objective of this assignment is to describe the team process that was followed during the Multicultural team presentation and how the team members made important decisions, which leadership style was followed. Moreover, what approach was followed to resolve the conflicts and lastly, what was the overall experience during the team assignment.
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In this leadership style Hernan decides all the deadlines for the research material, raw copy and finalized copy of the presentation. By this all the team members can provide high rate of satisfaction and at the same time everything was done within the time frame. Moreover, this leadership style worked well for us because each one of us have all necessary knowledge and skill to achieve the specific task and hence, helped us to provide much more refined material and ultimately reduced the stress levels.
Managing conflicts and differences- the conflicts and differences that arises during the team presentation were resolved by the way of group discussion technique, in which all of the team members sat around a table and provided one’s own opinion and at last all the team members resolve conflict by mutual understanding and collective decision was made. In some cases, where there is conflict between two team members, we organize a coffee meeting for those two members and get it resolved through mutual

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