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When I registered for English 111, I held the personal belief that the whole process of proper writing restrained and suppressed the cleverness and inventiveness of story-telling. I pondered the question, “Is it possible for me to write a proper essay that can satisfy my inner story-teller and fulfill all the requirements of a college level paper. Immediately, my unease was addressed with our class’s opening assignment a reflection essay that requested me to write about what I thought were the weaknesses and strengths of my writing abilities . In addition, I was asked to discuss my personal writing goals and what I hoped to improve on throughout the semester. My unease, preconceptions, and insecurities about learning and using writing processes…show more content…
I think I achieved the best within my writing with “Bridal Breakthrough”. Actually, I accomplished my personal goal that I stated in my first reflection “A Story-Teller’s Struggle to Write a Proper Essay”. The desire of having the ability to not only open the treasure chest of stories my inner story-teller holds but, to also be able to use writing strategies, processes and techniques to compose a balanced composition, that is not only compelling, humorous and satisfying to read but, has clearly readable content, organization , and competent grammar. My Professor Mrs. Wooten included notes on “Bridal Breakthrough” along with its grade, as she did with all my assignments. Mrs. Wooten mentioned that writing a memoir with a heavy load of dialogue was very difficult, but I had done a good job; also the grade reflected my…show more content…
“A Book Critic for a Day” was exciting because I love to read and a challenge due to the fact that the essay required my opinion to be stated just as a professional’s. The strategies and techniques to do just this were laid out in the book as meeting criteria, making judgments and providing evidence to support your perception. I chose the book “Off the Edge” to evaluate since it had won an RITA award from The Romance Writers of America which had a rigorous list of criteria and guidelines to meet to be successful. Criteria is what a reader should expect as an ideal outcome. Making a judgment is when you determine if the criteria has been met in the story. Evidence includes details from the story plot that supported the provided judgment. These ground rules were like sending me on a treasure hunt throughout the whole book. I loved every moment. Working all of this information into a five paragraph layout was challenging yet exciting. I felt accomplished reading through the paper and finding it flowed nicely; this gave me a real sense of

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