Reflection Paper On Reflective Teaching

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Reflective teaching is a process where teachers think over their teaching practices, analyzing how something was taught and how the practice might be improved or changed for better learning outcomes. Some points of consideration in the reflection process might be what is currently being done, why it 's being done and how well students are learning. You can use reflection as way to simply learn more about your own practice, improve a certain practice or to focus on a problem students are having. In other words, reflective teaching means looking at what you do in the classroom, thinking about why you do it, and thinking about if it works, a process of self-observation and self-evaluation. By collecting information about what goes on in our classroom, and by analyzing and evaluating this information, we identify and explore our own practices and underlying beliefs. This may then lead to changes and improvements in our teaching. Dewey (1910) concept of reflective thinking in his book, How We Think (1910, 1933). He substituted the word "inquiry" for "reflective thinking" in his later work, The Theory of Inquiry (1938). Inquiry, according to Dewey (1933) is the “active, persistent, and careful consideration of any belief or supposed form of knowledge in the light of the grounds that support it and the further conclusion which I tends." Inquiry in this perspective seems to suggest something more active and operational than thinking. It refers to the activity engaged in to

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