Reflective Essay On Analysis Skills

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Throughout this course, I learned several things about the material covered in class and also about my strengths and weakness when writing. I have become a great writer who thinks critically and uses all the knowledge I have at hand. But even if I improved I know there are many things I could do to enhance my skills as a writer.
During this course, several of the assignments tested my analysis skills as well as my reasoning skills. I challenged myself by choosing subjects that required an immense amount of research and consideration while also thinking of how I could set up the paper. I learned how to apply different methods of writing styles into my own work and make connections between each of the points I utilized. Furthermore,
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I will continue to review the several strategies and techniques a writer can utilize to keep them sharp in my mind. Additionally, I will take similar courses like this one to strengthen my knowledge and writing skills.
Minor Comparison and Contrast Explanation
I chose to include my comparison and contrast minor paper in my writer 's log because it was the one I fully immerse myself in. I was able to express my supporting details in a comprehensible manner. Which helped me avoid creating misunderstandings that could affect the purpose of the entire paper. Additionally, the style in which I introduced each point adds to the clarity and effectiveness of my comparison and contrast minor paper. This paper demonstrated my correct use of transition words allowing me to properly include the essential details in my essay.
Furthermore, I was able to include enough information to compare and contrast high school and college teachers. While thinking of points to include about high school teachers, I was able to include my own experiences that correlated with the subject of my paper. Moreover, my knowledge of college teachers also helped me add details that compared and contrast high school and college

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