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Throughout this course, I learned several things about the material covered in class and also about my strengths and weakness when writing. I have become a great writer who thinks critically and uses all the knowledge I have at hand. But even if I improved I know there are many things I could do to enhance my skills as a writer.
During this course, several of the assignments tested my analysis skills as well as my reasoning skills. I challenged myself by choosing subjects that required an immense amount of research and consideration while also thinking of how I could set up the paper. I learned how to apply different methods of writing styles into my own work and make connections between each of the points I utilized. Furthermore,
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Additionally, I included this minor descriptive assignment into my writer 's log because I was able to express the event clearly because I experienced it. My descriptive writing enabled me to provide my readers with a vivid image of my experience at the zoo. I used several details that touched upon sensory details such as touch, smell, sight, and sound. Each detail utilized in the paper helped bring my experience at the zoo come to life and allowed me to relive the experience all over again.
This minor paper is one of the first assignments I have written that included details that involves the five senses. I enjoyed writing about the giraffes slimy tongue and warm breathe. By describing this specific occurrence with the giraffe allowed me to remember the experience and provide more details pertaining to the giraffe. Also, the way I presented the hot spring day by giving my readers a description of my sweaty clothes and clammy hands helped bring a lively image to the readers.
Writing this descriptive paper was exciting and new. I did not only bring the picture to my readers, but I also managed to relive the experience I had during my zoo trip. Furthermore, I was able to apply a new writing style to my own writing and learn about the impact it has on a writer 's writing. Also, I was successfully able to incorporate details that were associated with the five senses taste, smell, sound, and sight.
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