Reflection Paper On Respect

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Respect “Respect”, respect has always been always a big thing in my city, respect for those who were better, stronger, for those whom you feared. In my case Cass the Broken was who I feared, he was bigger, stronger and sometimes even smarter. But I had one thing he didn’t, humility. Humility from getting beaten in a fight when my enemy towered over me victorious and from that came fear of losing again and from that fear came anger. That anger drove me to where I am now and will fuel me to my victory, but now let me tell you the story of how I got back to the top to defeat my enemy. When I was beaten with such humility, I wasn’t looked at with respect, but with disgust, people at first said my name with pride, but after I got beaten everyone, and I mean everyone, who said my name spat it out as if they had a bad taste in their mouth. To work my way up, I had to start small and fight people who really didn’t know what they were doing, which was easy and all, but after I was beaten I took precaution always just in case. I was ignorant when I faced Cass I just thought that it would be another easy win because I was good. Like, really good. I still am, but I underestimated him. Cass struck first, and that hit was devastating. It made my vision very fuzzy. Then he hit me again, knocking me to the ground. After that, he kicked me in the head, and right then everything went dark. I woke up on the street with the biggest
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