Reflection Paper On School Board Meeting

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I was told early into the semester by my professor Rogerio Zapata that we needed to write a six page essay on a regular meeting or a school board meeting. In fact in our first exam some of the questions were about the paper we needed to write. In addition Professor Zapata remained us every class to attend a meeting. As a high school student the first thing I did was to going ask my principle if she knew when the next school board meeting was going to be held. She give me great information and told me if I needed more about the meeting to go to the school website. Therefore as being a student of Mercedes ISD my first choice was to go to a school board meeting in Mercedes. I remember leaving early from Tennis practice to get to the meeting early…show more content…
The member of Mercedes ISD are: President Mr. Horacio Pequeño,Vice-President Mr. George Cardenas, Secretary Mr. Ricardo "Rick" Garza, Trustee Mr. Fernando Dominguez,Trustee Mrs. Elvia Sandoval,and the Superintendent Dr. Daniel Trevino. Each of the members were wearing suits and they each had a tablets so that they can see what the person was showing and talking. about. Out of all the member there were only one female in the board. Before that meeting I did not know who were the member were only the Superintendent. The meeting continue with calling names of students who went to a event in the valley called The Battle of the Books they were being recognize. The same with the students who places in UIL and the winners of the spelling bee . Each one of the students were to shake each of the board member haves and take a group picture with Superintendent. Right after every single kids went up stage they went to their parents and they left the meeting. For the most part after a person was done with what they needed they left the meeting. The next group that was up next to get recognize was the lion’s club. Most of the member in the club were old people that had lot of free time mostly winter Texas. In the club they had a thing going on were they collected reading glasses and fix them and give them away to kids who needed them. They also had an other things happening were the woman in the club got together to make blankets for the need and they made a total of 300 blankets. Each of the members shook the school board member hands and took a group picture. At that point of the meeting there were not much people at the meeting most of them left when their children were presented. The nest people who were up was the principle from Mercedes Early College Academy who won the education person of the year. She díd the same as the kids and shook the hands of the
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