Reflection Paper On Self Reflection

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Self reflection

Psychology is the brain science which is a connected train that includes the logical investigation of mental capacities and practices. Brain research has the quick objective of comprehension people and gatherings by both making general standards and inquiring about particular cases, and by numerous records it at last expects to profit society. Psychology is good for everybody and is needed in all places in this world because no one is perfect, and everyone has a specific mental or physical problem that affects his brain and his behavior.
During the class, we have seen many topics that may have an impacts in my life. Especially those which taught me how to change my life and my behavior; for instance, learning, memory, personality, stress, and motivation. In my self reflection, I am going to talk about these topics which are related to some change in my life since my childhood.
I will start by my childhood, the period of learning. When I was a child, learning was the first thing I was confronted to because it included reading, playing, eating, speaking and many other skills. According to the book, “one way we learn is by association. We associate things with our brains because learned associations feed our behaviors of everyday. As we repeat behaviors, they become associated with the context and the facts also, they become associated with the brain”. After the association learning, things became serious and another type of leaning appeared which was the

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