Reflection Paper On Sexual Orientation

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About a week ago I decided to interview my friend who has a different sexual orientation and faith from mine. It was interesting to hear how she identified in terms of her sexual orientation. She asked that she stayed anonymous, therefore, I will not mention her name throughout my reflection paper. Regardless, I am very glad that I could learn more of her sexual orientation as well as faith since it allowed me to identify the biases I grew up with regarding sexual orientation and faith which now helps me work on my biases and have more knowledge while working with people whose sexual orientation and faith are different from mine. I have known her for the past eight years and I had no idea that she identified as bisexual. I was not aware of her sexual orientation because recently she realized that she is also attracted to the opposite sex. She is now dating another person that identifies as a butch. Hearing my friend talk about how in love she is with her partner made me feel happy for her, but I also kept thinking how my faith does not accept homosexuality. Furthermore, my faith also does not tolerate anyone who discriminates against any other individual because only God can judge. My faith beliefs may sound like a double standard to other people that have a different mentality regarding homosexuality.
Nonetheless, I strongly believe in equality and each person has a right to decide what they want to do with their life. Therefore, I do not discriminate against individuals

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