Reflection Paper On Shadow

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For the process of choosing what student to shadow for this project, I talked to my Coordinating Teacher (CT) about my possible choices. I explained to him that I was looking for a student who needed more adult interaction in the school setting, and not necessarily a student who got into a lot of trouble or had a rough home life. He came up with a few options, and together we agreed on a student from his second hour U.S. History class. The student was a thirteen year old girl with whom I was very familiar, as she struggles a bit in the class and often asks for extra help on assignments because she has a hard time understanding them. She also faces issues of responsibility at home, as she is expected to look after and take care of her younger siblings while her older brother isn 't, and her parents have justified this by saying women are caretakers and men generally are not. While she doesn 't talk about it extensively, this student will openly discuss her problems at home with me and a few of her other teachers. Seeing how she acts around adults leads me to believe that she doesn 't get the attention she needs at home, and so she looks for it at school instead. When shadowing my student, one common facet about her personality that I could track through both classrooms was her act of putting a wall up. She would generally box herself into where she sat by putting one arm up and resting her head on it, using her hair like a curtain to block her face off from her peers.
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