Reflection Paper On Sleep And Sleep

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In class we discussed the different types and effects of the different drugs that are avabile whether it be over the counter or on the down low. Alcohol was also disscused along with the drugs. We also discussed the topic about sleeping and the different things we should know about it. the most interesting topic we discussed in my opinion was the sleep and dreaming. Ive always liked this topic because it’s the most interesting to me, mostly because the dreaming aspect of sleeping. I thought the luicd dreaming was the most interesting part because I already dream clearly and remember everything from my dream and being able to control and have power over what you dream is so interesting to me. I would like to learn how to do it myself because I don’t think it would be very hard because I already have a sleep schedule and the ability to rember my dreams and wake up whenever I tell my body to. On that note I also think its interesting what not getting sleep does to your body mentally and psyhically. I see it all the time within classmates because most of them don’t sleep every well or at all most of the time and I can tell because the affects it does to their body and the way the perform in school. I believe that we should all have a regular sleep schedule espically because we all have school and we need sleep to succesed. Mentally I don’t think at our age we should even should be finding time to sleep because we need it, its essental. With that in mind I don’t think any of us

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