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“Book Inspiration for the Aspiring Social Entrepreneur” A Reflection Paper on Building Social Business by Dr. Muhammad Yunus Muhammad Yunus is the founder of Grameen Bank and a Nobel Peace Prize winner for his works to fighting world poverty. He advocates an economy that embraces humanity as a pool of positive potential and his book, Building Social Business clearly explains and inspires the readers to start up a social business not on self-interest but the willingness to help our poor brothers and sisters. So what is a social business and why start up a social business in the first place? Even I myself often ask before entering the Social Entrepreneurship course and after hearing the word “social business”. In this book by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, he defines the true essence and purpose of social businesses. He tells us that a social business is a whole new kind of business different from the two usual types of businesses we see today, profit-maximizing and non-profit businesses. “A social business is outside the profit-seeking world.” It is solving a problem by using business methods such as the production and trade of goods or services. A social business does not only address poverty but also the protection of our environment. An example of a social business would be the joint venture of Grameen and Group Danone to create a yogurt fortified with micro-nutrients to decrease malnutrition for the children of Bangladesh. The yogurt is produced with solar and bio gas energy and

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