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Class is the system in which people are classified by their economic or social status. These classes range from low-income people and households, to rich individuals and families. The determination of your class is gathered from your annual income and your wealth accumulation based on where you live and your income status within your society. Your socioeconomic status in a particular community is often times reflected on what everyone else's class around you is. If you live in a high-income neighborhood, the chances are increased that you too have a high income, making you part of their upper-class society.
There are many different perspectives on class in societies. One point of view is Marxism. This states that class is a relational concept
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Growing up, we were never upper class, and sometimes probably even fell below middle class. Money was a constant factor and something my family dealt with ceaselessly. Although we were a working-class family, I didn’t feel out of place. I grew up in a very small town and people in my society weren’t really upper-class either. My friends and neighbors were in very similar situations as my family and I in terms of class. My parents experienced social class persistence in their lives. They’ve, for the most part, stayed in the same social class as my grandparents. That’s a trend that I hope to…show more content…
Although it wasn’t easy, I know it could have been a harder struggle. In my town, the population was mostly white. Had my family been dark skinned, I believe it would have been more challenging. My parents often went from job to job to get a higher income, but I don’t think they would have had that luxury if we had a different skin tone. They probably wouldn’t have been as easily hired for a job, and would have faced more racism when searching for jobs. I would like to think that our family’s race wasn’t a major component in avoiding poverty, but it probably had a considerable influence on it. Often times, black people aren’t considered for jobs over white people. When I was young I didn’t know what racism was or that it even existed, but now that I’m older I have a better understanding of it and have seen it firsthand. We’ve talked a lot about race in class, and it has opened my eyes even further. People of color, often but not always, have a harder time in life. It’s more difficult for them to climb the social ladder. I respect people that are able to stop the repetitiveness of their class status in their families, but have a very high respect for people of color who do so. I have had white privilege in my life, and have never experienced hardships because of my skin color. I believe having white privilege has helped me accomplish many of my goals in life, such as going to a four-year college. If I had been a

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