Personal Narrative: Fertilization

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Day 1: Fertilisation My name is Darren, I’m a sperm. Yep. Thousands of cellular career choices and I choose to be a sperm (Or the scientific name, Spermatozoid). Not even the full 46 chromosomes, only a mere 23 chromosomes. Wherever you are mom, dad, don’t be too disappointed, after all I might meet the love of my life. (Or die horribly) Today my journey begins, I’m not really sure what happens, but I hope this egg isn’t too far away. So far this seems like a very un organized process, I can’t tell where I’m really going, but geez, I’m already exhausted. I’m also being pushed a lot, I know there's millions of sperm, but still, would it kill you to go around me?! The cervix isn’t that small! It feels like it’s been absolutely ages and literally there have been loads annoyances! It was this acidic fluid, and from what I can see, most of the other sperm died in the vagina from this. I expected a friendlier welcome. Thankfully there’s not a lot of But then, finally I…show more content…
So the doctor confirmed some things, firstly, yes I am going to be born prematurely, but not dangerously so and secondly music is not making me smarter so my mom has finally stopped playing that awful music! The doctor asked my mom some questions today. Apparently the ultrasound showed that I have a very small head, I’m extremely small and have somewhat wide-set eyes. My mom told the doctor that she’s been drinking lately and the doctor said that I might have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Apparently it’s a lifelong condition, and I will most likely have some learning disabilities. This has been really upsetting, but the doctor said that it’s probably not too severe. If my mom has me do speech therapy and takes me to the doctor often to monitor me, then it probably won’t affect me too much. Also the doctor is going to prescribe medicines to help with some of the symptoms like hyperactivity and anxiety. I’m not really sure what to think about
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