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Through my observations of the school counselor at Mountain View Middle School, I was able to observe a SST (Student Study Team) Meeting. An SST meeting is a group of individuals that are involved in the student’s life both at home and at school. The group of individuals include but not limited to teachers, parents, grandparent, counselors, school psychologist, principal, and assistant principal. SST meetings are an attempt to rectify and further examine a student’s academic, emotional and behavioral concerns. An SST Meeting opens the door for collaborative efforts to find those interventions to improve a student’s progress through school.
My observation of this SST Meeting was located at Mountain View Middle School which serves students
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The School Counselor first started off with discussing some of the concerns and what the goal of the meeting was, so that way the Grandfather could be reassured that the school is trying to help them and not against them. As the discussion went on the Grandfather stated that they are planning to move across town and will be switching him to a school closer to where they live. So basically, this SST Meeting was a plan for a week there at mountain view and then his file and all the effort that has been taken will follow with him in is folder and will prevent the other school from having to start back at square one. So with that being said the teacher began to speak of the troubles that she had been seeing with him such as his physical aggression and anger. The student also shows no interest in doing school work at all. His drive to complete stuff is not there and no reward of free time works to help motivate him to do his work. The peers in his class get annoyed with him because they are motivated to work and follow the teachers directions. The student is failing academically because he fails to complete his school work due to the lack of motivation. The grandfather is also not able to get him to do any school work at home. The grandfather mentioned that at his previous school they would allow him to help younger students with their work once he completed his work which in turn motivated him to
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