Reflection Paper On Swimming

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It was my sophomore year and the start of a new swim season. I went up to my coach before practice and handed him a paper. On it, all of my events and goal times were typed into a graph. While making this goal sheet, I had been researching the times of freshman swimmers from D3 schools. I wanted to have times close to theirs, for I was optimistic and looked forward to the idea of being a college swimmer. The anticipation of sharing my aspirations with Coach excited me - commencing the year on a positive note was what every swimmer hoped for. He took one look, then passed the paper back to me. He looked up and said, “You can’t make these times.” I stood there, sure he would follow up with some advice. He continued, saying, “I’m proud of you for taking the time to make this, but you’re just not bound to be a college level swimmer.” At that moment, he turned around and walked away, getting ready to start the practice. I was in disbelief. To this day, I will never forget the feeling of hopelessness gnawing from my insides. Two hours later, the butterflies and nausea ceased to disappear. I knew that coming from a family who never swam before was difficult, but swimming made me a fulfilled person nevertheless. Most of my friends had parents who swam in their younger years, but mine had never jumped into the pool. Throughout my swimming career, this had always been a setback, but I refused to dwell on my unfortunate circumstances. Instead, I pushed myself in and out of the

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