Reflection Paper On Swimming

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“What happened? You almost did it. Are you okay?” My teammates surrounded me immediately. I could not say a single word. I went right to my place speechless and was staying there staring at one point in the ground thinking “Why?” It was the right time that could turn to be a milestone for me. Everything was like it should be but the only problem was me. All the moments during those years swimming passed through my mind. I have been swimming since I was 10. I always had fun and loved it, until a few years ago. I was getting better and better and one day my coach told me that I was close to making it to nationals and from then I started putting a lot of pressure on myself. That’s when I started being my own worst enemy. Only a month left till the national championship. The time when swimmers start to experience the most intense training sessions. And so was I. Training like an animal and honing my fitness and technique. Two times a day everyday with 4 hours each session. But every time I swam the 50 fly, I thought about how close I was. I was pushing myself to the limit day by day. There was a couple of hours left leading up to the big race and my anxiety was getting bigger. I was training for so long and I did not want all my hard work to go to waste, now that it counts the most. But I was so focused on possible negative outcomes and worried so much that I felt mentally sick before going up to the blocks. I was getting stressed, my mind was not right, I could feel my muscles

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