Reflection On A Trip To The Underground Railroad Museum And Freedom Center

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I attended the trip to the Underground Railroad Museum and Freedom Center. This trip took place on Thursday, March 1st, 2018. The location of this trip was Cincinnati, Ohio. This trip was for us to learn about the stories of those courageous heroes who were apart of the era of slavery. I choose to attend this particular event because this event lines up with the requirements needed for my Experiential Learning Assessments for my humanities course. I also attended this event because I wanted to learn more about slavery. What I mean is that in school we are taught about slavery but its normally white washed. We learn very little about stories of individuals we learn about its start point and its end, the content in the middle is glossed over. While I was at the Underground Railroad Museum and Freedom Center I experienced a lot of different things. First off, I experienced sadness, seeing what these people had to go through I put myself in their shoes. I tried to fathom how it would feel to experience slavery, but I obviously couldn’t even begin …show more content…

Madison goes on to say that no merit would be greater than to find a solution for this issue. President William Henry Harrison owned slaves. Harrison said that slaves couldn’t be emancipated without the consent of the states. Harrison goes on to say that we must wait out this progress and good principles will prevail. President John Tyler owned slaves. Tyler said that to interfere with the subject of slavery without states consent would be in violation of the public’s faith and abuse the trust of congress. As you can see there is a major problem with what these presidents are doing. This is blatant hypocrisy; how can you own a multitude of slaves and then condemn the very notion of slavery? How could you talk about abusing the trust of congress when congress promised "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of

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