Reflection Paper On The Symphony

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The lights began to dim and the stage is illuminated with light. The orchestra begins to play as they stoke each villain cello and viola the music get more integic. I listened to them play the lied pieces and watched the movements of each individual wondering how they each sound on their own. The symphony was a new experience for me as I have never gone to one and have never thought about going. When i first walked in everyone was wearing elegant attire and it was very upscale feeling. You could smell the bitter coffee they were preparing before the performance. I looked up above me to see the most beautiful chandeliers above me this started to set the tone for me night. I enjoyed looking around symphony hall as I waited patiently for the doors to open. Going to the symphony was a cultural experience for me. The symphony goers were all very different people but they all came together to enjoy this Mozart and Beethoven experience on this night. The experience introduced me into new culture that i have never thought to experience before.
When picking the event to go to before writing this paper I found it very hard to find something at first. I was not opening myself up for new experiences and I was stuck in my shell. Then finally my friend suggested the symphony, at first I said no because I thought it would be expensive to go. When I looked online I was the Phoenix symphony was going to be playing Mozart and Beethoven. I have taken a few humanities classes and really

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