Concert Reflection

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The lights began to dim and the stage is illuminated with light. The orchestra begins to play as they stoke each villain cello and viola the music get more integic. I listened to them play the lied pieces and watched the movements of each individual wondering how they each sound on their own. The symphony was a new experience for me as I have never gone to one and have never thought about going. When i first walked in everyone was wearing elegant attire and it was very upscale feeling. You could smell the bitter coffee they were preparing before the performance. I looked up above me to see the most beautiful chandeliers above me this started to set the tone for me night. I enjoyed looking around symphony hall as I waited patiently for the…show more content…
Then I went back to my seat and sat down to reflect on the first part. Me and my friends talked about the first two pieces of music and how interesting it was. I enjoyed the music and loved to watch the music play. You could tell by watching each individual on stage that they were really passionate about the pieces they were playing. I learned that you do not need to understand the music and how its played to really enjoy the music. I have also learned that the culture of the symphony is very unique. People are usually older but some younger people also go and enjoy the music. Most people tend to dress nice when going to the symphony but not usually over the top. I feel That I have learned some about myself as I tend to overthink things before I do them. I had many preconceived notions before going to the symphony and some concerns. They all turned out to be quite silly and I really enjoyed myself while I was there. However personally I think I might enjoy going to a broadway production next time more or a ballet at symphony hall. I usually have a hard time sitting down and sitting still for long periods of time. I feel the sympathy is very under predicted by younger people, as we do not know much about classical

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