Reflection Paper On Volunteerism

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As an engineering student, I had spent my time studying my courses, hanging out with my friends and classmates, playing video games and watching television and anime shows. So I never imagined myself helping and reaching out for those people who needed some little help, especially for those elder ones. It was an enriching experience and it is an eye-opening for me to determine the true feeling of volunteerism. It was the first outreach event for the practicum class so we were all willing and determined to make it successful. A week before the event we initially made plans and a list of tasks for each of the members. The event was to teach the elderly or the senior citizen of the adopted barangays to create or formulate a dishwashing liquid.…show more content…
Fortunately, we were able to buy some at a fair cost. Afterward, we returned to the school to prepare and set-up our booth. We prepared the tables and chairs, the chemicals are separated and divided individually for each of the district and the class just waited before our queue. While waiting I noticed that the elderly started to enter the school premises, looking at them I observed that they somehow excited for the event and the feeling reach out to me making me more determined to make them happy. Few hours later it was our time to encounter the elderly. All of us are excited as they approach our booth, we all welcomed them with a big smile in our faces and greeted them with a wonderful gesture. We first made our introduction as the class that will be teaching them and we hoped that the event will go smoothly. Proceeding with the event we initially described and narrated the different chemicals, though we make it to the point to simply and clearly described each of the chemicals so that they will understand its use and function. At first they were all silently listened to the introduction and instruction that we stated and demonstrated. I can observe on their faces the confusion to the instruction, but the class is expecting it, so the class was divided to the group of students for each of the districts to lend support. I was really happy to teach them, the feeling was

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